Singer Zizi Kirana makes fun of self-righteous folks in new music video (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil
The 34-year-old rapper in a scene from her newly launched music video ‘Eh’. — Screengrab from YouTube/ZiziKirana

PETALING JAYA, Dec 2 — Rapper Zizi Kirana is one of the few Malaysian singers who is not afraid of clapping back at social media users through her songs.

Zizi’s latest single Eh which was launched on October 18 took the same route of lampooning self-righteous online users in its music video version that features cameos from rapper Altimet and transgender personality Viviana Abdullah.

Zizi told Harian Metro she was ready to receive any comments and criticism from fans.

“Whatever their perception of this music video is, let it be.

“What matters is that the team and I know what we are doing,” she said.

The 34-year-old whose real name is Nur Fazelah Mad Tahil added that it was the first time she took on multiple characters in a music video to match the lyrics of the song.

Among the characters portrayed include ‘black-hearted’ people.

“Since the song’s launch until now, many have been asking who ‘Mambang’ is.

“The music video reveals Mambang’s real identity,” Zizi explained, adding that she played four roles in the music video.

According to the Nak Ke Tak Nak singer, Eh is her most different music video yet.

“Even though we filmed in one day, it took a long time from 7am to 3am the following day,” said Zizi.

Since its release, Eh has topped the charts on iTunes after being officially launched on all digital music platforms.

The music video, directed by Hasif Hamid and produced by WebTV Asia was officially released on November 29 on Zizi’s YouTube channel.

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