Single dad to have all limbs amputated after developing sore throat on flight home

The long-time Manly Ferry operator was struck down with a near-fatal bacterial infection. Images: Supplied

An Australian father who developed a sore throat on a plane home from a family holiday faces having four of his limbs amputated after being diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection.

Four days after returning home from the Philippines last month, Jason Miller was found lying in the Warringah Medical Centre in a dire condition. Following a brief chat, doctors advised the 48-year-old’s workmate to drive him straight to another hospital for emergency treatment.

Jason’s family were notified of his worsening condition and arrived at the hospital to find medical staff desperately trying to resuscitate him.

Further tests revealed he’d contracted two bacterial infections, streptococcus and aerococcus – the second an extremely rare infection never seen by the treating ICU specialist in all his 20-plus years in the field.

Buddy’s and his seven-year-old daughter Jhayda before he was hospitalised. Images: Supplied

His sister-in-law Kate Munn told Yahoo7 News: “He was suffering from severe septic shock, multiple organ failure and toxic shock syndrome.”

Jason was placed in an induced coma that evening as doctors worked frantically to save his life.

Ms Munn and his mother, Clare Miller, were told there was just a 10 per cent chance of survival and organised for a priest to come to the ICU. His seven-year-old daughter, Jhayda, was carried in to his room “to say goodbye to daddy”.

But the single father, who has been a ferry operator for more than 10 years, defied all expectations when he opened his eyes on November 7.

“She’s [Jhayda] so happy that daddy is alive but she is a bit scared of what he might look like,” Ms Munn added.

It was inevitable that there would be some complications due to the severity of Jason’s illness and the amount of medication used to keep him alive.

‘A matter of how much will be taken off’

Still heavily sedated, once awake he was informed by doctors and then again by his family that surgeons would have to amputate on both arms and legs.

“One of these complications has been gangrene. There simply wasn’t enough blood being pushed to his extremities,” Ms Munn explained.

“His kidneys and liver had shut down. His hands, feet, nose and lips had turned black.”

Jason’s mother, Clare Miller, reads the newspaper to him in hospital. Ms Miller has left the hospital only for the odd shower and trip to her local church to pray for her son. Image: Supplied

Ms Munn said there was no conjecture or debate but rather discussions about how much of each limb would be amputated.

“We’re hoping to save both knees and elbows, but there’s just so many unknowns at this point,” she said.

Even in his condition the “loveable larrikin” has used his dark sense of humour to try and keep morale high among the rotating roster of family members by his bedside.

Jason used an alphabet board to spell out the word “Paralympics” during a discussion about his pending amputations.

Jason’s support camp who have remained by his bedside throughout the ordeal. Image: Supplied

“That’s just the kind of guy he is… he couldn’t speak but when we asked if he was still happy to be alive, he gave an emphatic nod,” Ms Munn added.

Jason is aware of the long fight ahead of him but his family are hoping a GoFundMe page that has already raised more than $20,000 will help with the “many agonising months and years ahead”.

“He’s actually looking forward to having the surgery done and trying to get back on with his life.”

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