SingPost responds to incident of missed delivery; says postman waited at least 45 seconds

What with all the social media frenzy about recaps and reviews of 2018 going on, you may have missed a little incident of missed delivery involving Singapore Post. To recap: One netizen by the name of Andy posted on Facebook his experience with a SingPost delivery man, who apparently knocked on his door for “a few seconds” and headed off before he could answer. So the dude chased down the postman, got to his delivery bike before him, and received his parcel in the end.

In response to the incident, SingPost said it spoke with Andy and thanked him for his understanding.

From our investigations, it appears that Andy and our postman just missed each other,” a SingPost spokesman said, before clarifying the events that transpired at 11:52am on Dec 26.

“Our postman brought a package up to Andy’s home as it was too large to fit in the letterbox. In accordance with our procedures, he waited at least 45 seconds, knocking on the door several times,” the spokesman explained. “As there was no response, he slid a delivery advice under the door. At the lift landing while waiting for the lift, our postman turned back to see if someone might have answered the door.”

After the failed delivery attempt, the delivery man went back to his scooter with the package and moved on to his next stop: another unit in the same block (inaccessible by the lifts by Andy’s flat). When he had completed that delivery, he saw Andy at his vehicle and handed over the package.

However, as he was not fluent in English, he could not properly explain the situation to Andy. Turns out, it was a simple case of misunderstanding, according to SingPost.

“With three million items coming through our postal network each day, it is our priority to deliver them successfully on the first try. We have in place clear operational procedures and a system of rewards and disincentives to ensure compliance,” the spokesman added. “We are also harnessing technology to strengthen our processes and enable new capabilities for the rise of eCommerce deliveries, where packages may not fit in the letterbox, and our customers are not home to receive them.”

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