Sister of jailed Maserati driver who dragged cop asks for car to be returned to pay his daughters’ financial support

The sister of a Maserati owner who dragged a police officer on the road for more than 100 meters (while trying to escape the law) is now asking the court for the luxury vehicle to be returned.

Lee Cheng Yan’s sister pleaded in district court on Jan. 25 during the hearing for the forfeiture of the Maserati involved in the 2017 offence.

She revealed that she and her elderly parents have been paying for Lee’s huge legal fees, and also supporting his four-year-old twin daughters in Japan, with the understanding that they will be repaid with the car proceeds.

However, according to the Road Traffic Act, if a repeat offender uses a vehicle he owns to commit certain offences, the public prosecutor can apply for the vehicle to be forfeited under certain circumstances and the court must order it.

Lee is currently serving a prison sentence of six years, four months and 16 weeks.

He also has two lifetime driving bans, one for the incident in which he dragged a police officer trapped in his Maserati door along the road and another, given in 2022, for even more offences including driving while banned and evading the police – again.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Timotheus Koh asked for the case to be adjourned for four weeks so Lee’s family could prepare any submissions and also for the prosecution to investigate if any credit card companies are linked to the purchase of the car.

The cost of the Maserati and the car’s current value were not disclosed.

During the last court session, in which Lee appeared via Zoom, he asked for his car to be returned and also for a shorter sentence.

“I really hope your honour can give me a chance and some leniency. I’m really, really remorseful,” he pleaded.

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