Siteimprove review: an all-in-one website improvement solution for your business

 Siteimprove website.
Siteimprove website.

It's not enough to have great content on your website to make it successful. Companies and agencies need to ensure that their website is accessible to everyone and can be easily found through search engines. Additionally, website owners should have access to effective website analytics to make better decisions. Siteimprove offers cloud-based solutions that can help improve website accessibility, SEO, and analytics. Here's why it might be a good fit for your organization.


Siteimprove accessibility
Siteimprove accessibility

Siteimprove is a platform that can transform the online experience for website owners and visitors. The platform offers a wide range of features that can enhance the web user experience by reducing friction and increasing conversion rates by up to 28%.

One of Siteimprove’s most critical features is its ability to assist website owners in conforming to various accessibility regulations, such as ADA, HIPAA, and the European Accessibility Act. The platform provides tools such as automatic scanning and manual accessibility testing by trained professionals to ensure company websites meet current accessibility standards. As a result, you can quickly identify and address any accessibility issues, providing a more inclusive and welcoming online experience for everyone.

In addition to accessibility testing, Siteimprove offers a content experience solution that combines content quality, UX, and SEO to enhance your website. Its built-in quality assurance tool ensures that your website content is in great shape by identifying old and irrelevant content, broken links, or outdated branding or wording. With Siteimprove, website owners can create a user-friendly experience that stands out from competitors and supports their brand.

Siteimprove also ensures that the web content complies with established policies for documents and media. This means that website owners can rest assured that their website content is in line with industry standards, making it easier for visitors to find and enjoy the information they need.

Siteimprove content experience
Siteimprove content experience

SEO is the backbone of Siteimprove's products and services. The company's approach is unique, as it begins by performing a comprehensive assessment of your website's performance and then tracks its progress toward your objectives. The team uses on-page diagnostics and a DCI industry benchmark to compare your website's performance with the rest of the market, helping you assess the gaps and improve your website's overall performance.

Siteimprove's SEO solution is designed to identify optimization gaps in your content by analyzing high-traffic keywords and filtering them based on your strategy, search volume, or estimated traffic. The company offers three levels of SEO support: Audit, Professional, and Enterprise, each tailored to meet different business needs.

But Siteimprove doesn't just stop at SEO. The company's content experience solution includes content analytics, which provides customers with valuable insights into visitor behavior and website performance through easy-to-use dashboards and reporting. These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions and achieve consistent business results across teams.

Installation, setup, and compatibility

Siteimprove offers web-based tools that are accessible from any device or browser. As a client, you will have access to online support. Additionally, Siteimprove provides a comprehensive Getting Started guide that helps new users understand what to expect. This is a great tool to review if you consider using Siteimprove as a client.

Plans and pricing

Siteimprove pricing
Siteimprove pricing

Siteapprove does not provide pricing details on its website. To obtain pricing information, you will need to contact the company directly. The pricing for Siteapprove's services is tailored to your specific requirements. Therefore, the cost will vary based on the components of the solution you choose and the number and size of the websites you own.

The Siteapprove website breaks down its offerings into six buckets, including the following.

Accessibility: Ensuring your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is essential for providing an inclusive online experience. This can include using appropriate alt text for images, providing video transcripts, using proper heading structures, and ensuring that your website is keyboard accessible.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance involves testing your website thoroughly to ensure it is free from errors, bugs, and other issues that could impact user experience. This can include checking for broken links, testing forms, and ensuring all content is accurate and trustworthy.

SEO: Search engine optimization is optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and more. Improving your website's SEO can attract more organic traffic and grow your organization.

Ads: Paid marketing efforts, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Optimizing your ad campaigns involves selecting the right keywords, writing compelling ad copy, and tracking your campaigns to ensure you get a good return on investment.

Analytics: Understanding how visitors interact with your website is crucial for optimizing its performance. Analytics tools can provide insight into which pages are most popular, where visitors are coming from, and how long they stay on your site. This information can help you make data-driven decisions to improve your website.

Performance: Website performance is critical to providing a good user experience. Slow loading times and other performance issues can cause visitors to leave your site and never return. Optimizing your website's performance involves compressing images, minifying code, and using a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up page load times.

But, there are free tools

Siteimprove provides free tools to help website owners improve their website's accessibility and search engine optimization. One of their most popular free tools is the website accessibility checker, which can scan your website for on-page and technical accessibility issues and errors. This tool is really easy to use; all you need to do is provide your page URL, email, and industry.

In addition to the website accessibility checker, Siteimprove offers a free accessibility extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. This extension enables you to check any multi-step form, dynamic content, or non-public page for accessibility issues. It is user-friendly and can be easily added to your browser.

Siteimprove also provides a free accessibility statement generator and color contrast checker, which can be really helpful for website owners who want to improve their website's accessibility. The accessibility statement generator creates a customized accessibility statement for your website, while the color contrast checker ensures that the colors on your website meet accessibility standards.

Lastly, Siteimprove offers a free SEO Checker tool that utilizes a unique in-house algorithm. This tool can quickly identify common SEO problems by scanning a website and ranking them based on their significance and the level of difficulty required to address them. The tool can be used to get a comprehensive overview of your website's SEO and identify areas that need improvement.

Final verdict

Siteimprove has received primarily positive feedback from customers on Capterra. Clients praise the service for its user-friendliness and efficient customer support. However, some small companies find the price excessive. Siteimprove's analytics packages appear to draw the most criticism, with some customers noting its need for more ease of use than Google Analytics.

Despite this, Siteimprove remains an invaluable tool for website owners seeking to improve the online experience for their visitors. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that help optimize website accessibility, content, and SEO. Ultimately, this leads to a more positive and engaging online experience for everyone involved.

If you're looking for an all-in-one website solution for your busy, it's worth your time to check out Siteimprove. At the minimum, look at its free tools, then decide later whether to pursue the company further.

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