Sitting next to Guan Eng leaves passenger feeling euphoric

NST Online

KUALA LUMPUR: What would you do if you had the chance to seat next to a minister in a flight? For Facebook user Fzn Ahmad, who was seated next to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng on an AirAsia flight recently, the feeling was euphoric. In a long Facebook post detailing his experience of meeting Lim, Fzn Ahmad also shared a photo he took with the DAP secretary-general. "When I entered the plane, it wasn't difficult to locate seat 1C, but it was difficult for me to see LGE in seat 1B," he said. Fzn Ahmad said he shook hands with Lim and later the two engaged in conversation which began with Lim asking, "Where are you going?" The conversation then went into matters of national interests with Lim injecting humour here and there, resulting in both of them laughing together. The Facebook user made an interesting observation in which Lim would answer in Bahasa Malaysia despite him conversing with the minister in English. "Finally I relented and spoke in a northern accent Malay," Fzn Ahmad said. When the waitress served Lim a bottle of water, Fzn Ahmad said the minister apologised to him before drinking. "You are fasting? I drink first ya, I'm sorry," Lim had said. Fzn Ahmad who was returning home from Copenhagen noted that his experience with Lim made for a good start. "If before this I was happy to return from Copenhagen to see the new Malaysia. My experience with the Malaysia's new Finance Minister is a good start, I'd say," Fzn Ahmad. To read Fzn Ahmad's full account of his encounter with Lim Guan Eng, click here.

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