Six dead and four missing after sinkhole swallows bus in western China

Zhuang Pinghui

Six people died and four are missing after a bus plunged into a sinkhole on a busy road in northwestern China on Monday afternoon.

The road collapsed at about 5.30pm as passengers prepared to board the bus outside Changcheng Hospital in Xining, Qinghai province, according to the city government.

Footage of the incident circulating online indicated that the collapse was followed by an explosion and heavy smoke from inside the hole. It was not clear how many people were on the bus.

Sixteen people injured in the incident were in a stable condition in hospital.

An investigation into the road collapse is under way. Photo: Weibo

Among the injured was a boy who pushed a child out of danger before going to the aid of others and then falling into the hole, Shanghai-based news service quoted a municipal employee as saying.

The sinkhole was 80 square metres (860 sq ft) in area and an investigation into its cause was under way.

The municipal government said on Tuesday morning that authorities were trying to identify the six bodies recovered from the site.

The sinkhole opened up on a busy road in Xining, Qinghai province. Photo: Weibo

In July last year, a woman died after she and her husband were swallowed by a sinkhole in a road in Tangshan, Hebei province.

And in October 2018 a road collapsed in Dazhou, Sichuan province, killing four people.

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