Skip the heat damage with these hair curling tips

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No curling iron? No problem! One of the best ways to curl your hair doesn’t require heat at all. In this episode of Make Me Up, host Melanie Sutrathada (@melaniesutra) demonstrates how to achieve effortless, bouncy curls without a curling iron. Melanie skips the heat, and instead uses a hair curling ribbon to achieve perfect curls. Not only is this heat-free method easy, but it also saves hair from heat damage.

Melanie starts by showing off The Curling Ribbon, which she explains is made of 100% silk. “It’s really nice on your hair and it’s gentle,” Melanie explains. “And it comes with a little jaw clip, which is super cute and also you can use it later on, which I love.”

To demonstrate how to use the curling ribbon, Melanie starts by spraying her hair down with a bit of water. “You don’t want it to be too wet,” she explains. “Essentially you just want it to be slightly damp so it’ll hold.”

Once her hair is damp, Melanie places the curling ribbon on top of her head, and uses the hair clip to secure it in place. Then, she begins wrapping the hair on the left side of her head around the ribbon. “So you’re going to wrap and then pick up a little bit more hair,” she explains, noting that for tighter curls, you should wrap your hair as tightly as possible around the ribbon. For looser waves, meanwhile, you can wrap your hair more loosely.

When all of the hair on the left side of her head is wrapped, Melanie uses a scrunchie to secure it in place. Then, she removes the hair clip from the top of her head, and repeats the process on the right side. Once she is done wrapping her hair, she adds another scrunchie to the right side.

Now that her hair is wrapped, all Melanie has to do is wait. “You can either go to sleep or, for me, I might go do some jumping jacks, have a dance party, send some texts, maybe go on Hinge again,” Melanie jokes. “So we’ll see you in just a moment.”

When Melanie returns, she’s ready to take the ribbon out! She carefully removes her hair from the ribbon and shakes her head, letting her new, glorious curls loose! “Are you kidding? This is awesome!” Melanie exclaims when she sees her curls. “How was there no heat for this?”

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