Skype sex wife


The Malay Mail exposes a VERY secretive and hidden lifestyle of a woman allegedly forced by her bank telemarketer husband to engage in sexual encounters with at least a dozen strangers in hotels while he watched and recorded the acts on his webcam at home.

The 38-year-old Sabahan revealed her secret world to The Paper That Cares to help bring closure to her ‘traumatic' almost five-year relationship with her alleged 'cuckold' spouse that has battered her life as a mother of three children, aged between six and 14.

The woman, until recently a marketing manager with an Internet company, alleged:

She was subjected to sex with strangers, all Caucasian, in a bid to fulfill her husband's fetish since 2007.

Partners were sought by both her and husband in an adult profile-sharing site.

Arrangements with partners were made via the Skype voice-and-video call Internet service or emails.

The sexual rendezvous took place usually after midnight in hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur and, in one case, at a condominium in Mont Kiara.

A webcam would be placed to enable the husband to watch the couple remotely.

The strangers were fully aware the husband was watching them as the main condition of participation was they had to bring a Skype-ready laptop.

Man's desire to see 'dark side' of wife

Woman claims partner forced her to enjoy hotel room trysts

A THREE-WEEK investigation by The Malay Mail into the alleged fetish exploits of a Sabahan bank telemarketer who supposedly forced his wife to sleep with strangers while he watched has brought to light stunning revelations and evidence that might just open a can of worms on cuckolding in our society.

You see such sexual preference being featured in the Internet but until someone spills the beans on such acts, you don't actually believe these things happen.

How many of us actually know what 'cuckold' or 'hot wife' are? We didn't until this sweet 38-year-old Sabahan mother-of-three sought the help of The Paper That Cares for a renewal in life.

The fetish is not something we want to go into detail but what concerns us is the woman's plea: “Help me. The only thing that can make my husband WANT me is to watch the dark side of me.”

In confessions to The Malay Mail, the woman, until recently a marketing manager of an Internet marketing company, said she endured a five-year ordeal at the hands of her husband who preferred to see her having sex with at least a dozen foreigners in Kuala Lumpur while he watched remotely, in one instance, a breath away in a hotel room.

The woman – whether you want to believe it or not – claimed she did it because she wanted to be the “wife my husband wanted me to be”.

“He was angry our relationship lacked excitement and sexual intimacy, and wanted me to spice up our marriage through such acts.

“I know I will come across as stupid but I was hoping he would mend his ways and genuinely accept me as his wife if I did it. But he couldn't and now I have to start life anew.”

She approached The Malay Mail about three weeks ago to help her realign her life, and keep her husband away from her and their children.

She made available video recordings of some of the sexual encounters stored in her husband's laptop to The Malay Mail.

The woman claimed she was never paid by the strangers for sex and when asked why she appeared a willing partner in the videos and looked cheerful and zestful, she said: “It had to be that way or else I would have had to bear the brunt of my husband's anger.”

She said the partners were fully aware her husband was watching them and some had even chatted with him over Skype. “Some of them were repeat partners, especially those whom my husband thought had performed well in bed.”

The woman was expected to make a police report with city police Sexual Crimes Division today.

Police investigation will determine if still images of the encounters had been taken from the feed and made available as still shots.

Mail Q&A: ‘I was director and porn star at the same time'

SHE claims life had been wretched since she got married to her first love at age 25.

She alleges her father-in-law molested her after her second baby was born in 2003 and had been living in fear of being raped by him.

“Life was miserable with not much support from my in-laws and I had no choice but to flee Kota Kinabalu for Kuala Lumpur.”

The couple got re-united in Kuala Lumpur in 2007 – and it “was living hell” as she was allegedly forced to “sell my body” to at least a dozen men, mostly foreigners, to please her husband.

The mother of three children, aged between six and 14, explains why she got involved in despicable sexual encounters with strangers while her husband watched.

Q: When did it all start?

A: About five years ago, my husband asked me to have sex with other men. He was influenced by the Internet and said he saw other husbands allowing their wives to sleep with other men.

He said he thought it was a good idea for him to watch while I had sex with another person.

Q: How did he manage to convince you?

A: Every night, he came to me asking me to give in to his demand. I declined at first but he kept pestering me frequently. He kept saying it would improve our relationship.

I was shocked and wanted to run away but I had nowhere to go and could not fend for myself.

I finally gave in four months later as I wanted him to shut up. He was delighted to hear this.

Q: How was your first partner chosen?

A: My husband chose him from an online social networking site and they later communicated via email. He was an American whom I met at a hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail.

I went to his room with my husband who then took pictures of us in action. My partner didn't mind.

Q: Were you paid for sex?

A: No. There was no money involved.

Q: How did your husband react after the first encounter?

A: My husband was excited watching us and he kept looking at the pictures when we got home repeatedly. I didn't want to see it.

Q: How did you feel?

A: Mad... half anger and half hatred. I tried to understand why my husband made me do it. I felt so stupid... so like a sex slave.

Q: Did it stop there?

A: A few weeks later I did it with another American who was selected from the same social networking site.

Q: What was the measure of selection of partners?

A: They had to be well-built foreigners.

Q: Do you agree you appeared cheerful during the sessions as the videos showed?

A: I was ordered by my husband to enjoy it. I had to be the director and porn star at the same time. I had to record the session and even MMS him pictures via my mobile phone.

Q: What happened to the recordings?

A: I deleted the earlier videos but my husband became very angry as he would usually watch the recordings repeatedly. He told me to do it again and kept nagging me for the next six months.

Q: Did you give in?

A: Yes. But this time, he suggested I use Skype so he could watch it live from where he was. The partners had to have a Skype-ready laptop.

Q: Were you hurt in any of these sexual encounters?

A: Yes. In some cases, it was extreme sex.

Q: Why didn't you flee your husband earlier?

A: I had nowhere to go, no means to look after my kids. I was helpless.

Q: When did you decide not to do it anymore?

A: Two months ago after an encounter with an Italian at a condo in Mont Kiara. My husband promised me after that he would just watch the recordings and make our relationship better.

Q: Did he?

A: No, despite telling him I was filled with hate and pain. He said the only thing that could make him want me was watching the dark side of me.

Q: What made you finally leave your husband?

A: I couldn't stand being sent to the ‘den' anymore and left him four weeks ago. I don't think he's a good husband. My kids keep asking me about daddy but I can't tell them anything. I am confused. I need help.

Q: Why are you confessing your misdeeds to The Malay Mail, knowing pretty well your experiences would be made public?

A: I do not trust just anyone. You are The Paper That Cares and I know the paper can help me get over my nightmare through proper direction and therapy, and put me on the right path to lead a new life with my children.I want to live life as the Almighty wants us to.

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