Slack is getting in on the GPT AI trend

The upcoming AI-ready Slack platform can be integrated with various large language models, including ChatGPT.


At its World Tour NYC event, Salesforce has introduced Slack GPT, which it describes as a three-pronged vision that integrates AI features into the business messaging app. Slack GPT is comprised of AI-powered features built natively into the app, a new AI-ready platform that was recently made available to developers, and the availability of Einstein GPT in the app that will power its ability to instantly generate insights and summaries. Einstein GPT was developed by Salesforce as a generative AI for customer relationship management (CRM) and could assist businesses with tasks related to sales.

The integrated AI features will give users access to a workflow builder that doesn't require them to know how to code. In it, they can automatically create or update a canvas, which is Slack's tool designed for collaboration. Users can also summon Einstein GPT to summarize Huddle calls and create canvases from those calls, simply by clicking a button. That said, companies don't have to stick to using Einstein GPT only. They can integrate large language models of their choice into the new AI-ready Slack platform, including OpenAI's. In fact, a Claude (Anthropic) app is now available for Slack, while the ChatGPT app for the messaging service is currently in beta. Salesforce assures customers that Anthropic and OpenAI will not take data from their Slack apps to train their language models.

Salesforce said Slack GPT is being developed to boost users' productivity and gave several examples of how its features could be used. For sales, teams could use those features to auto-generate account channel summaries, create canvases for investors and create customer recommendations. Customer service agents can use AI-generated solutions and responses to quickly resolve issues and auto-generate case summaries. Developers can use the features to scan for channel activities and summarize root cause analysis when identifying solutions for issues in their software. The AI tools could also auto-generate image and copy for blogs, email campaigns and social media posts for marketers. Slack's AI-ready platform is now available, while the workflow builder will come out this summer.

In addition to Slack GPT, Salesforce has also announced its plans to collaborate with Accenture "to accelerate the deployment of generative AI for CRM." The companies are apparently planning to provide businesses and organizations with the technology and help they need to be able to adopt Einstein GPT to increase productivity and improve customer experiences.