Sliced, diced and broiled: Meet the Foodtech on display at TECHINNOVATION 2017

Sliced, diced and broiled: Meet the Foodtech on display at TECHINNOVATION 2017

TECHINNOVATION 2017 shown a light on foodtech, and there was some neat technology on display

The food industry has been a pioneer of the Southeast Asian startup scene; restaurant delivery apps, lunch on-demand services and no-human ordering kiosks have helped consumers across the region get used to tech in their day-to-day lives.

Foodtech was on display at TECHINNOVATION 2017 in Singapore today, but it wasn’t the typical app-based delivery services. It included blockchain, biotech, extraction and authentication.

Let’s meet the booths!

Life3 Biotech

This firm has developed a ‘meat-free’ alternative that allows people to receive the same protein benefits. The hope is that the product can catch-on and help curb what has become an unsustainable global demand for meat.

The proprietary procedure formulates and texturises vegetables and legumes (lentils, red beans etc.) to create a food that looks and tastes like meat but is vegetarian.

Voyager Venture

A Singapore-based company that has created a smart label for keeping track of temperature on individual packages and containers. It brings technology to the supply chain of frozen foods while making both monitoring and auditing easier.

Voyager has even moved beyond food and offers its labelling services for hospital blood bags and vaccines.

Alchemy Foodtech

Diabetes has become a national focus in Singapore, so Alchemy Foodtech is well positioned to take advantage of this health drive. Instead of asking people to cut out rice from their diet, Alchemy Foodtech has developed an additive which lowers the glycemic content of certain foods.

The solution is patent-pending and is called Diabetec®.

Kong Shiang Engineering

Kong Shiang builds a host of machines for the food industry, but the one on display at TECHINNOVATION 2017 was an automatic bagging and sealer for the F&B industry.

It automates the process of packaging oils, pastes, creams and other liquids. The machine can pick up a bag, open the non-sealed side, fill it, then close and seal the bag without any human management.

Cereal Tech

Ingredients like enzymes are critical to make sure the restaurant in Moscow produces a similar taste to its sister branch in Singapore.

Cereal Tech provides a customisable solution that helps food companies scale. Often this requires a system that allows them to produce food of consistent quality and taste over a large scale.

The company also helps the food industry clients protect their specific recipes.

Foodchain S.P.A.

A blockchain-based food tracking startup, the product helps gather and store information from all the stakeholders along the food production chain. The service offers tracing, tracking and anti-counterfeit tools as well.

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The company says their product allows clients to be on the cutting edge of data management and storage in the food industry.

Kosmode Health Singapore

An extraction technology that takes the base health nutrients from various foods and converts them into healthy alternatives. Extraction is not a new technology, but what Kosmodo pitches is its sustainability.

The process does not use ethanol and is liquid-to-liquid, which they claim improves yield. They also claim the process is zero-waste because it can extract valuable components from food waste.


A handheld mobile device that quickly and efficiently tests the freshness of meat. It wirelessly connects to a smartphone app and people just point-and-click on the food to test if it’s still good.

The Foodsniffer comes in various colours and costs US$129.99 online.

I-Sprint Innovations

An anti-counterfeiting product that utilises technology to verify the authentication of products. It has a QR-code function, but was also advertising Near Field Communication (NFC) as a tool for verifying the products.

The NFC tags can be easily integrated into a product which makes it convenient and fast to use with a smartphone.


A food waste company that puts sustainability as its top priority. It takes foodware like plates, bowls and packaging and rapidly converts it into fertiliser. Food waste is a major contributor to society’s environmental impact and Tria is trying to solve this problem.

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The company has its own compostable foodware as well as a digestion machine that helps improve sustainability.

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