Slovak DM states that Ukraine should get back home their man from Europe instead of speaking about NATO troops

Robert Kaliňák
Robert Kaliňák

According to Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák, instead of sending NATO troops, Ukraine should return combat-ready men who have gone abroad, reported the press service of the country's ruling SMER-SSD on Facebook on March 11.

According to Kaliňák, the deployment of troops from NATO member states to Ukraine is "a thick red line, crossing which will significantly increase the risk of global conflict."

"If our warmongers were serious about supporting Ukraine and defeating Russia, they would call for allowing combat-ready Ukrainians to return to their homeland," the Slovak DM said.

At the same time, he noted that the world "has seen the results of the war 'to the last Ukrainian'", so, according to him, it is time to "look for peaceful solutions".

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"Only by immediately ending hostilities will we be able to prevent further bloodshed and restore Ukraine's sovereignty," Kaliňák added.

In November 2023, during a visit to Brussels, Robert Kaliňák told NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the new Slovak government had decided to stop transferring military aid to Ukraine from its stockpiles.

On March 8, 2024, Andrej Danko, Deputy Speaker of the Slovak Parliament and leader of the pro-Russian Slovak National Party, said that Russia "is not an aggressor, but only defends its interests" in the war against Ukraine.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has also repeatedly spread Russian narratives about the war in Ukraine. He claimed that the war in 2014 allegedly began because of "Ukrainian Nazis." He is convinced that Russia "will never leave Crimea and the territories it controls."

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In January, the Slovak prime minister also said that Ukraine "must give" Russia part of its territory to end the war.

Fico also argues that "it is better for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate over the next ten years than to kill each other."

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