Slovakia will not ban arms sales to Ukraine — PM Fico

Robert Fico
Robert Fico

The Slovak government will not regulate against the production and sale of weaponry by domestic companies to Ukraine, Slovakia’s new Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Nov. 6, as reported by local outlet

As reported, Fico's refusal to provide any further military aid to Kyiv pertains only to donations from the reserves of the Slovak army.

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“Slovakian weapons manufacturers will be able to sell their products to Ukraine – no one will prevent this,” said the PM.

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He also instructed the Defense Ministry to take inventory of national military equipment after deliveries to Ukraine.

On Oct. 1, Smer-SD — a pro-Russian party lead by populist Fico — won the parliamentary elections in Slovakia with 23.29% of the vote.

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Fico confirmed his intent to halt aid to Ukraine immediately after his electoral victory.

On Oct. 26, he announced that Slovakia will focus solely on humanitarian aid to Kyiv. Furthermore, he asserts, it would be "better for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate over the next ten years, rather than killing each other."

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