The ‘small lips’ filter is forcing TikTokers to see their lips and fillers in a new way

TikTok filters are having a moment. Alongside the AI meme maker TikTok filter going viral, the “small lip” filter on the app has also gained traction.

The filter produces supposedly “small” lips, and TikTokers are using it to show how the filter is making them see their natural lips in a new light.

For instance, TikToker Zion (@likealioninzion) — who has been open about receiving lip filler on her page — used the filter and admitted the contrasting looks surprised her.

“Didn’t realize how big my lips were til I used the small lips filter,” she captioned her video.

“I love my lips I love my lips,” commented @haleydavidson25 to Zion’s video, seemingly suggesting that the TikTok helped her to affirm her natural lip.

The Aesthetic Society noted that 649,176 procedures of dermal filler — including filler for facial areas and lips — happened in 2022. Dermal fillers are part of non-surgical aesthetic procedures that grew by 23% from 2021 to 2022, representing a large increase in people seeking to change their look.

But despite the growing popularity of fillers, some TikTokers are claiming the lip filter is making them rethink lip fillers altogether. For example, Marte Ytre-Hauge (@marteyh) shared that the filter helped her realize that her natural lips “don’t need fillers.”

“No lips needs fillers,” added @susannassss in a comment that gathered several likes.

“100% agree,” Ytre-Hauge replied.

Influencer Nadine Breaty (@nadinebreaty) also joined the filler-free train thanks to the app filter, posting her own TikTok in 2022 that claimed the filter “finally made me feel good about my lips.”

“Small lips are cute,” Breaty captioned her video, which received 1.2 million views.

In Breaty’s comment section, @priscilla__tate pointed out that beauty trends come and go. Embracing one’s own natural look may just be the best bet of all.

“You’re so pretty don’t worry about you’re lips! I got bullied for having big lips and now everyone wants them!” she wrote.

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