This Smart Intersection Tech Gives Motorists Extra Pair of Eyes

Martin Aguilar

Stop. Look. Listen. These three words are one of the effective and courteous things to do before you cross an intersection. Every road user should be alert when crossing an intersection to prevent accidents from happening.

However, the stop-look-listen approach is only ideal in a perfect-world scenario. Some motorists even ignore the traffic light at intersections and act as if red still means go. With that in mind, Honda has developed the Smart Intersection technology to prevent and/or lessen crossing an intersection related accident.

The Smart Intersection uses four cameras that are mounted above the traffic lights. The cameras have a bird’s-eye-view of surrounding vehicles and pedestrians up to a 300-foot range. As such, the cameras allow motorists to virtually see through and around buildings to help identify if there’s a hidden hazard ahead.

The cameras transfer the information through the help of a dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) signal. DSRC works like the Vehicle-to-Vehicle tech, where vehicles are given the ability to wirelessly exchange information. The connected vehicle then receives a visible and audible alerts to avoid a potential collision. The cameras can tell a motorist if there’s a pedestrian ahead or if there’s a vehicle that’s not slowing down as it approaches a red light.

The Smart Intersection gives motorists extra pair of eyes, which could significantly avoid accidents. It’s like the ‘God’s Eye’ from the “Fate of the Furious” movie.

Overall, this tech could be useful but, it requires all cars to have the same operating system for it to do its work. However, let’s not spoil the concept behind the Smart Intersection or the Vehicle-to-Vehicle tech as these points to the right direction in making the roads safer. After all, not all humans know how to drive properly. You can’t blame them because most people say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Watch the video below to see how Honda’s Smart Technology works.

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