The smart lamp that could help kids with homework

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Calling all parents! You may now (finally) be able to spend your evenings in peace, far from the blood, sweat and tears of your little darlings' homework. And it's ByteDance -- the parent company of TikTok, based in Beijing -- that you have to thank, as the firm has developed a smart lamp with an inbuilt camera so you can check in with the kids while they sit down to work.

Forget social media (well, almost), ByteDance is putting its new technologies to use in various other domains in a bid to broaden its field of action. Education seems to be of particular interest to the Chinese giant, which has just launched its Dali Smart Tutoring Lamp T5, under the Dali Education brand. This gadget is, in fact, a smart lamp designed to help children do their homework -- a solution that could please many a parent.

After the educational services GoGoKid and Qingbei, ByteDance has come up with a high-tech device for parents juggling work, personal lives and education on a daily basis. As well as functioning as a regular lamp, this innovation has a smartphone-like screen, a camera and an onboard digital assistant. Its aim is to help kids get their homework done, even if you're not around, thanks to an intelligent coaching feature.

As well as gaining certification as an "eye protection lamp" for young children and helping them maintain good posture while seated thanks to its two branch design -- avoiding shadows when the child writes -- it can also help kids with tasks like word searches, English language learning, math problems and pronunciation.

The "Daily Love Tutoring" app that accompanies the lamp allows parents to plan and monitor their child's work and progress, while the camera can be used to check the environment kids are working in or to communicate with them in real time if necessary.

The lamp is on sale in China priced 799 CNY, or approximately 120 USD.