SMRT calls the cops on ‘irresponsible’ 12-year-old who jammed train door (Video)

A YouTuber wannabe is in serious trouble for jamming a train door recently.

Train operator SMRT today said they have filed a police report against a 12-year-old boy who allegedly caused a train delay by disrupting service and jamming a door at Jurong East station on Tuesday.

The boy filmed himself in YouTube prank-style video, which has since been deleted, paired with commentary and evil laughter.

“Guys watch this, I’m going to force the PSDs (platform screen doors)…” the boy said.

“I’m going to upload this to YouTube. I mean I’m not…I mean I am,” the boy added.

In the two-minute video, the boy said the act was “cool” and attempted to stand further behind to not be “too much of a suspect” when the door at the end of the platform was jammed shut.

“Uh oh, haha failure,” he said.

A SMRT staff was seen running toward the door and control panel to fix it before the train moved off.

The incident was problematic enough to be addressed by SMRT’s president, Lam Sheau Kai, who said in a statement that they don’t condone such “irresponsible” acts that led to train delays for other commuters onboard.

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