SMRT explains why train moved off from Ang Mo Kio station with door open

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SMRT is strengthening its procedures to prevent a reoccurrence of the incident where a train pulled out of an MRT station with one of its doors open.

In an email reply to Yahoo News Singapore’s queries on Tuesday (19 March), the rail operator explained why the train was able to move off from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station on the evening of 11 March, despite having one of its doors open.

Lee Ling Wee, chief executive of SMRT Trains, said, “The station manager had made an error in bypassing the train door interlocking system before the train door was closed. This allowed the train to move off.

“We are strengthening our procedures to prevent a re-occurrence of such nature. Safety is our top priority.”

In an earlier report on the incident, SMRT had said that the train stopped after travelling around 200 metres and returned to Ang Mo Kio station, where all commuters disembarked safely. It was then withdrawn from service.

Subsequent investigations showed that the incident was down to an “error” by the station manager, who was inside the train at the time of the incident, attempting to fix a fault at the door in question.

SMRT added that the station manager was suspended with immediate effect.

It declined to comment on subsequent queries about whether the station manager received further disciplinary action or has been reinstated to his post, or the length of his service with SMRT.

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