Snake zodiac forecast: A prosperous year with noblemen coming in to help

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Snake zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)
Snake zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)

In the year of the Golden Ox, those born in the Snake year see nobles leading the way and are posed to have a prosperous fortune. Expect to have good opportunities and fortune; there will be jealous people waiting to harm you. Feng Shui and Numerology teacher Xie Yuanjin reminds those born in the year of the Snake to be cautious when dealing with others and be careful of rumours to avoid being misled by villains and making wrong decisions.

Lucky year-end fortune ahead

In the monthly fortune section, those born in the year of the Snake will have a generally smoother fortune this year. The better months fall in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. Seize the good luck this month to reap a bountiful harvest in your career as malicious people stay out of your way then.

The lunar first, sixth and tenth months are the months with poor luck. Xie reminds those born in the year of the Snake that under the influence of a malicious star in the first month, it is easy for you to be influenced by others, causing loss of wealth. Although there are noble people to help out in the sixth month, the problems are tougher to get rid of. Be cautious in everything. In the tenth month, it is easy for those born in the year of the Snake to be instigated by villains, causing arguments. If you are feeling unwell, you must seek medical attention immediately.

It is recommended to place Amethyst in the east and south of the house to enhance judgment and win good popularity. If you want to improve your fortune, Xie suggests that you can place a cornucopia, a crystal cave or six emperors' money at home, according to the nature of your work. Those working in administrative jobs can place them in the south while business owners can put it in the west sector at home.

Analysis based on birth years

■Born in 1941, 81 years old:

A smooth overall fortune without too many issues, ignore rumours around you to be safe.

■Born in 1953, 69 years old:

Strong nobles fortune and you have the opportunity to forge good networks.

■Born in 1965, 57 years old:

There are noble people to help you in wealth, career, and health, but the five ghosts star continues to interfere. You should face any problem rationally to avoid the villain's incitement and manipulation.

■Born in 1977, 45 years old:

The most prosperous group amongst those born in the year of the Snake, the nobles will protect you, and malicious people will not be able to affect you.

■Born in 1989, 33 years old:

A tough year ahead, malicious people are around you with a lack of nobles lending a hand. Work will need double the effort and thankless.

■Born in 2001, 21 years old:

Seek development while keeping balance. No matter how many opportunities there are at work or school, it is essential to work hard and be careful of malicious people.

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