Snapchat Inc. launches third generation of Spectacles

Snap Inc. is launching their third generation of smart sunglasses, The Spectacles 3

After launching two versions of the social media-oriented smart sunglasses, neither of which resonated with the public, Snapchat Inc. announced today that they're launching another pair: The Spectacles 3.

Since 2016, Snapchat Inc. has released two generations of their Spectacles smart sunglasses. The original pair, quite primitive compared to today's model, was designed to simply record brief videos which the user could then directly upload to social media.

Because a great deal of the product's lack of popularity was due to the audacity of the specs' design, the third generation that was announced today brings a refreshed look to the smart sunglasses - in fact, they almost look like a conventional pair of steel-framed sunglasses, save for the circular HD camera lenses near the left and right hinges.

This version is equipped with software designed to capture moments in 3D. Users can edit their content right from the glasses by adding "new lighting, landscapes, and other magical effects" with augmented reality (AR) technology.

The glasses also have a 3D Viewer feature that lets you be immersed in one of your memories or that of someone else from a first person perspective.

As of today, the Spectacles 3 can be pre-ordered for $380 and will start shipping this Fall.