Snapchat rolls out mental health tool ‘Here For You' early amid coronavirus crisis

Snapchat said last week it saw huge jumps in engagement with the app as a result of the crisis, with real-time communication up 50 percent in March

To aid those who suffer from mental health illnesses during nationwide quarantines and official governmental orders to avoid unnecessary contact with other people, Snapchat will begin rolling out a new tool to the platform called ‘Here For You" designed to connect those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and more with safety resources.

Back in February, Snapchat announced that in upcoming months, a new tool would be available on the application that brings users content and resources related to mental health wellness. 

According to the company, ‘Here For You' will "show safety resources from local experts when Snapchatters search for certain topics" like depression, stress, bullying, and grief.

Content will be provided both for those who are experiencing a mental health crisis and for those who want to learn more about how to care for a person with such an illness.

In light of the current pandemic, the company is adding coronavirus-oriented content to the search tool that will bring Snapchatters information from publicly-recognized organizations like the WHO, CDC, and Crisis Text Line.

Though these tools were expected to reach users next month, they will begin rolling out next week instead.