‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Sings His Own Version of ‘I’m Just Ken’ Flanked by Bowen Yang and More (Video)

If you had finally managed to get “I’m Just Ken” out of your head, well, sorry about that. “Saturday Night Live” returned with its own version of the “Barbie” earworm this week, but this time, for Pete Davidson instead of Ken.

This time, instead of the song stemming from Ken’s rejection by Barbie, it kicked off when Davidson overheard his former coworkers making fun of his return as host so soon after he left the cast.

And yes, Davidson went all in on the bit, fully recreating the scene from the movie — from Ken’s bleached blonde hair, right down to the battle on Malibu beach. Granted, the lyrics weren’t the same.

“I’m just Pete, looking like a meth head on the street,” Davidson sang.

As the video continued, fans got a look at the many versions of Pete — like the many versions of Barbie — including “First Update Pete,” “Met Gala Pete” and just “Black Pete” (which cast member Devon Walker was none too pleased about playing).

And, instead of “Kenergy,” Davidson boasted about his “famous B.D.E” and “bipolar energy,” and poked fun at his love life, singing “I’m just Pete, my dating life is not discreet.”

As the song neared its end Davidson put his whole heart into the power ballad, flanked by cast members Mikey Day, Bowen Yang and more.

“And I like jugs. I’m mentally ill and I’m on drugs,” Davidson sang. “But hey I’m still in Super Bowl commercials.”

Of course, the video couldn’t be complete without a nod to Aqua’s hit song “Barbie Girl.” In this case, Chloe Fineman played Barbie, and asked Pete if he was ready to go for a ride — before he promptly drove straight into the Barbie dreamhouse.

You can watch the full video for “I’m Just Pete” above.

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