Snowed in? US envoy to UN recommends Russian spy series

Blunt language has won US Ambassador Nikki Haley immediate attention at the United Nations, where she has vowed to reinvigorate what she calls the "stale" institutional culture

How to spend a snow day in New York? America's ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has a tip: treat yourself to a TV series on Soviet spies undercover in Washington.

The newly-minted envoy -- who hails from warmer South Carolina -- tweeted a picture of the snowy city on Tuesday, calling it "a great day to binge watch 'The Americans.'"

Her post triggered a stream of online mockery, in light of the controversy over Russian meddling in last year's election that has dogged Donald Trump's young presidency.

The present political moment has lent new relevance to the Cold War drama set in 1980's Washington suburbia -- and the diplomat's tweet left some social media users rolling their eyes.

"You do know that The Americans is about Russians secretly running covert ops in the United States, right?" tweeted one user, @TinzRules.

"Trying to learn more about your boss by watching The Americans?" quipped another, @BeaAnneD.

Trump has repeatedly denied having any ties to the Kremlin, but revelations of undisclosed contacts between his team and Russia have rocked the new administration.

Michael Flynn was forced to step down as national security advisor over meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from election-related investigations over his own encounters with the envoy.

Tuesday was not the first time Haley had lauded the spy show, having tweeted earlier this year: "Loving the Americans!"

The critically-acclaimed thriller series follows a husband-and-wife team of KGB operatives who spy and kill under the nose of their FBI agent neighbor.

Starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, the show's fifth season began March 7.