Schools Reopening in TN: Students Travel by Overcrowded Buses to Study in 'Socially Distant' Classrooms

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Despite strict COVID-19 protocol, over 100 students from across the state were tested positive for covid-19 since the schools have been reopened in Tamil Nadu. The state government reopened schools for classes 9th to 12th from September 1.

Few schools were also shut and fumigated after several students were tested positive. The government also ordered frequent random RTPCR tests in schools to find the positive cases and ensure more range to trace the infected.

While all protocols are being followed inside the school premises, there is not much being done about how students reach schools. Most of the students who travel by public transport often travel in crowded buses where no physical distancing is maintained.

Days before the reopening of schools, the transport minister RajaKanappan said that school students can avail free transport just by showing their school ID cards if they are wearing the uniform, however, with the number of buses remaining the same, it has led to overcrowding, especially during the peak hours.

Our ground reports suggest that starting from the Capital city Chennai to districts like Cuddalore, the situation is similar.

“I can’t miss the bus since I have to reach school on time. If I miss this one, I will have to wait for another 40 more minutes to get the next bus,” says Palani, a class 11 student from Dindigul district.

Shanti Ravindranath, a medical professional told, “Children won’t know even if they are infected by covid if they are asymptomatic. Instead, they will become carriers of the virus strains and pass it on to others unknowingly. School kids are more vulnerable as they are less than 18 years old and not vaccinated yet.”

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