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Alan remembers when he was about ten years old, going around his neighbourhood and selling crushed stones and telling people they were diamonds.

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He told his best friend ( next-door neighbour ) at the time that he came up with an idea where they could make money so they could buy lollies from the local shop.

Alan and his friend hammered white rocks in his backyard and put all the crushed stones into a small bucket.

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Alan and his friend went around the neighbourhood selling " diamonds" for $2, and it wasn't until they got to the third house that Alan's friend told the homeowner that they weren't diamonds and were actually crushed up rocks.

To this day, Alan is 35 years old, and he says the interesting thing about this wasn't the fact that he did this when he was about ten years old, but the fact that no one taught him how to make money or anything remotely about business.

Entrepreneurship was built into Alan at a very young age when everyone told him " money doesn't grow on trees".

Alan went through a tough time in his life where he was bedridden for seven years.

He was so sick and fatigued; there were days where he couldn't move in bed and eat food.

Going for a walk outside was too much for him, and sevens years after being in bed, Alan lost his income, savings, girlfriend, best friend, 99% of his friends, and of course, his fitness and health.

Alan lost everything and, make matters worse, the fatigue was terrible; he wanted to die every day.

He could feel every cell in his body dying.

There were weeks on end where he couldn't eat food, and when he was able to sit at the kitchen table to eat, he would eat with his eyes closed as he didn't have the energy to open his eyes.

Alan spent seven years in bed, and while he lost everything and there was almost no hope, he never gave up.

He spent $30,000 on supplements that didn't work and tens of thousands on doctors, specialists, courses and other things that either didn't work or made him worse.

Alan decided to create a recovery program for himself, and within three months, he started feeling better.

As Alan spent seven years in bed, he learned everything from advertising, marketing, sales and everything about business and social media.

He decided to learn about network marketing as he had no idea what that was, and in his first year, he was one of the top distributors in the whole company, signing up over 100 people, which is unheard of.

The following year Alan decided network marketing wasn't for him as he felt it wasn't a good business for him and wanted to learn about e-commerce and branding.

The following two years, Alan built six Shopify stores, four of them making over $1,000 per day.

Alan almost lost his life as he was in the hospital for seven days with salmonella poisoning.

The first five days in the hospital were the worst as he remembers being so sick he thought he would die.

After he got out of the hospital, the doctor said that Alan's friend didn't drive him to the hospital; he would have died in 24 hours.

The last two days in the hospital were okay, and he remembers watching some T.V in the hospital.

He decided to build another Shopify store while in the hospital, and within days, it was bringing in over $1,000 per day.

At this stage, Alan found building brands and scaling them pretty easy.

He decided to help a few clients as he was bored, and they all went on to make over $100,000 per month.

Some of his clients were making over $500,000 per month with their brands.

There was nothing Alan couldn't do in terms of building brands and making money.

Alan recalls, he went through a nasty breakup back in 2019 when he caught his girlfriend cheating which led him down a path of depression for 2-3 months.

Alan's best friend told him he should get a 9-5 job as it would be good for him to be around people again.

Being an entrepreneur, Alan worked from home, and as he had no one around him, he decided to get a 9-5 job even though he didn't want one.

At this stage, it wasn't about money but his wellbeing.

Alan being an extrovert, Alan is happiest when he is around others, so he decided to take some time out of his brand building and get a marketing job for 12 months.

Twelve months later, the company Alan was helping became the #1 fastest growing company in Australia, and we also won an award for the best social media marketing in Australia.

Alan then went into coaching clients and working with brands helping them optimise and scale their brands.

Most of them scaled over seven figures per year, but more importantly, Alan saw a massive flaw in the industry.

For most brands who work with influencers, only 1 out of 10 were making them money.

That means 9 out of 10 influencers were not bringing the brand sales, so the brand relied on that one influencer to get them 80-90% of the money, which is terrible for a brand to grow.

Alan came up with a solution that way the influencer wins and the company wins.

Instead of wasting money on low-value influencers, what if brands just worked with highly valued influencers?

What if brands worked with ten high valued influencers, and 80% of them made the company money compared to 1 out of 10?

Alan was over seeing fake influencers in the market with fake followers getting brand deals, so he came up with a strategy for picking influencers who are highly valued and what to look out for when wanting to scale a brand with an influencer.

Alan now has a course out coaching influencers on how to go from where they are now to becoming high value in the industry ( becoming the top 1% influencer) where it not only benefits the influencer, but the brands get more sales from them which means the brand wants to work with them again.

Alan now coaches influencers on what they can do to generate an income of 6 to 7 figures per year and monetise their social media for more brand deals and turn their following into an income.

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