Social media is used by 56.7 per cent of surveyed companies

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Sarajevo [Bosnia and Herzegovina], October 9 (ANI/FENA): The first results of the annual survey of the Agency for Statistics of BiH on the use of information and communication technologies in companies show that out of the total number of observed companies with 10 or more employees, 62.3 per cent have a website and 56.7 per cent of them use social media.

The survey showed that 99.4 per cent of the surveyed companies have access to the Internet, and 68.7 per cent of them provide portable devices that enable the mobile Internet network for business needs.

According to the survey, 8.9 per cent of companies buy cloud computing services.

In 2020, 20.1 per cent of companies realised sales of products and services through websites, mobile applications or EDI type of sales.

Big data analysis from any data source in 2020 was used by 3.9 per cent of companies, while interconnected devices or systems that can be monitored or remotely controlled via the Internet (Internet of Things) were used by 17.2 per cent of companies.

The research was done on a stratified sample of 2,745 companies, and the realised sample is 2,454 companies. (ANI/FENA)

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