A “Solid” Way to Get Back at a Cheating Wife? Fill Her Favorite Car with Cement

Cherryl Anne Cruz

What can a bitter and angry husband do to a cheating wife who changed her “marital surname” to the name of a grocery store?

Fill her most prized, red Chevrolet car with concrete, of course.

And don’t forget to do it on a sunny day — with many onlookers watching him do it on a parking lot just to make it “rock-hard” special.


A viral footage of the “husband” doing his revenge act was actually filmed outside of a St. Petersburg supermarket, with the Russian man shown helping a cement truck move closer to his wife’s car and giving the signal to unload the concrete through the driver’s window.

The couple were reportedly having a lot of problems in their relationship, and were further exacerbated with his wife’s admission that she cheated on him while they were married.

However, what really tipped the husband off was when he learned that his wife changed her surname in response to a promotional push by a supermarket named “Verny”.

The store promised its loyal customers that they will pay 50,000 rubles (or $880) a month to customers who will officially change their name to “Verny” or “Vernaya” — which ironically means ‘faithful’ or ‘the faithful one’ in Russian.

So what happened to his wife’s “cemented” car? Apparently, it still remains in front of the supermarket — as “solid” as a hunk of stone. So far, the “missus” hasn’t released any statement about the incident.


Mixed Reaction

The video has garnered a lot of mixed reactions from the public, with some actually praising the man and saying his wife deserved his “act of revenge”. Others say that he and the truck driver should be charged for destroying private property — something which is easy to prove since there were many who saw them do it.

However, others say that the entire act looked like a prank. When you do look closely, there seems to be a bit of “staged quality” to the entire video.

Still, filling people’s vehicles with cement out of revenge is not rare in Russia. Another video that also went viral showed a Russian guy smashing somebody’s car window with a baseball bat, and then filling it with concrete (as seen below):

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