What Is Something You Were Told You'll "Get When You're Older" That Turned Out To Be Incredibly True?

As a kid, you probably heard the phrase "You'll get it when you're older" time and time again. And surely this expression probably annoyed you at the time. But fast forward, and wow, turns out they were totally right all along.

A boy playing guitar for an elderly woman in "Coco"

So I want to know, what's a rule or belief that you didn't get as a kid but totally understand (and appreciate) as an adult?

Perhaps you always got upset with your parents when you were told that eating at home was cheaper than going out, and now, as a 30-year-old guy living in Los Angeles, yup —frozen pizza it is.

A McDonald's meal
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Or you really didn't appreciate the luxury of having someone else prepare a home-cooked meal for you every. Single. Night... until you had to go ahead and think about food and cooking on your own.

A young boy eating spaghetti
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Maybe you complained about going to your after-school activities (ugh! piano lessons!) and your parents insisted you'd appreciate it when you got older. And lo and behold, now as an adult, you only wish you could reverse time so that you could sit down and make beautiful music on the piano.

Close up of girl's hands on piano
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Perhaps your parents always nagged you to call your grandparents. "Just pick up the phone for five minutes...you'll get it when you're older," they'd say. And now you totally understand.

Little girl using landline phone
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Or maybe it's your mother's advice to apply sunscreen religiously. Back when you were little, you'd do anything for a good tan, but now that you're in your 50s and you've spotted a wrinkle or two or three, you wish you took mom's advice to heart decades ago.

Woman applying sunscreen on a child's back
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So, what's something — whether it's a piece of advice, a concept, or a luxury — that you truly couldn't fully grasp until you got older? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and your responses could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. And if you prefer to stay anonymous, drop them into this Google Form.