Son of Indonesian rocker Ahmad Dhani suspected of killing six in high-speed crash

Kenyataan pahit harus diterima Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani. Putra bungsu Ahmad Dhani dan Maia Estianty itu kini sudah berstatus sebagai tersangka. Kecelakaan lalu lintas di Tol Jagorawi yang membuat 6 orang meninggal dan 9 orang lainnya terluka, membuat Dul menerima nasib naas atas status tersangka yang kini disandangnya. Seperti apa penjelasan Rikawanto selaku Kabid Humas Polda Metro Jaya atas status tersangka Dul? Yuk, simak di sini!

[Updated 13 September 2013, 3:04pm: Ahmad Dhani wishes to bring Dul to Singapore for further treatment]

Indonesian rocker Ahmad Dhani, whose 13-year-old son is the prime suspect of a deadly pile-up causing six deaths on Sunday, will be sending Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani, or Dul, to Singapore, according to local Indonesian news site Metro.

However, the 41-year-old former keyboardist of now defunct band Dewa 19 said that the family is still waiting for his son’s bone operation to be completed before seeking further treatments in Singapore.

“Once his condition is stable, I’m positive I’ll bring him [son] to Singapore,” Metro quoted Ahmad Dhani on Wednesday. His son, the youngest of three children, has gone through four operations since the accident.

Nothing is known about the hospital he wishes to bring his son to while in Singapore.

The Jakarta Post reported that the rocker has already met the families of the car crash victims, and had promised them compensation to pay for the education expenses of the victims’ children, among other things.

It later reported that Ahmad Dhani had admitted to pampering his sons by buying them posh cars, including a BMW for his 16-year-old, a Jaguar for his 14-year-old and a Mitsubishi Lancer for Dul. However, the cars come with their respective drivers as his sons are not allowed to drive.

According to The Jakarta Post, Dul was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer sedan at a high speed towards Jakarta’s city centre when he crashed into a road divider at a toll road, hitting oncoming traffic, including a Daihatsu Gran Max mini van and a Toyota Avanza mini van.

Six people seated in the first vehicle reportedly died on the scene, while other passengers suffered injuries.

Dul had reportedly driven the sedan – which belongs to his father – from Bogor, West Java, where he dropped a female friend off. The report quoted the boy’s uncle Jerry Ahmad – Dhani’s brother – as saying the father never allowed his son to take the car out. The legal driving age in Indonesia is 17.

Dul’s father, Ahmad Dhani, was the bassist of now defunct band The Lucky Laki. But, he is better known for being the keyboardist of a massively popular Indonesian rock band Dewa 19, which dissolved in 2011.

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Dul, his son with divorced wife Maia Estianty, 37, former singer from famous girl duo Ratu, is currently undergoing treatment at Pondok Indah hospital and is being treated for fractured ribs and injuries he got from shattered glass, the report said.

His 14-year-old friend Noval Samudra, who was in the car with him, also suffered injuries and is receiving treatment, it added.

A police commissioner on Monday said that the parent “will not be held responsible for the incident; criminal sentences are an individual's responsibility.”

The crash has received widespread coverage in Indonesian media and sparked speculation about the severity of his punishment. 

In January this year, the son of Indonesia’s top economic minister Hatta Rajasa caused the death of two people, including a 14-month-old baby, while driving a BMW. He escaped with just a six-month probation and a fine of 12 million rupiah (S$1368).

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