Son shares special moment with dad after making Olympic hockey team

Milwaukee Admirals player Bobby Butler told his dad he was going to the Olympics and got an enormous hug. (Twitter/@mkeadmirals)

For some athletes, making it to the Olympics is a lifelong dream. They and their families sacrifice a lot to help make that dream come true. When an athlete gets to tell their family that they’re going to the Olympics, it’s an emotional moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

That moment happened for a hockey player on Monday. Bobby Butler is on the Milwaukee Admirals, a team in the American Hockey League. He found out that he had made the roster for the US Olympic hockey team, and then got to tell his dad about it. A camera caught the interaction, and while neither Bobby or his dad were mic’d up, you really didn’t need to hear what they were saying to understand what was going on.

You’ve gotta love the long hug followed by the affectionate head grab followed by another hug. Butler’s dad was so overjoyed that he just couldn’t stop hugging.

With the NHL not participating in the upcoming 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, hockey players from a variety of different leagues are being given the chance to represent their country. Butler is one of three AHL players to make the initial roster of 23 players, with the others coming from college teams and professional teams in Europe.

Since only one of those 23 players has Olympic experience, that means a lot of dreams came true on Monday. What better way to start 2018, right?

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