Song Hye-kyo denies being at odds with Zhang Ziyi

Song Hye-kyo denies being at odds with Zhang Ziyi

18 Jun – Months after rumours of a conflict between Song Hye-kyo and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the Korean actress finally got her chance to tell her side of the story.

In a news report by HK Top Ten, earlier this year, it was reported that Song Hye-kyo was angered by the fact that her screen time as Ip Man's wife was reduced to only six minutes while Zhang Ziyi had more screen time in the theatrical release.

It was alleged that the frustrated Song Hye-kyo decided to forgo all promotional activities to show her protest towards director Wong Kar-wai.

However, the actress, who attended the 2013 China Film Festival opening ceremony in Seoul with the rest of "The Grandmaster" cast recently, revealed that her absence from the promotional events was not intentional.

"I have always supported the movie but I already signed on for a drama project prior to the promotions. There is no grievance with me and Zhang Ziyi and we often communicate with each other when we have time," and added that she and Zhang Ziyi will be collaborating again in John Woo's "Love And Let Love".

Meanwhile, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai revealed although it was his first time collaborating with the "That Winter, The Wind Blows" star, he has watched her appearances in television series before.

"She seemed like a cute young girl to me in her television series, but when we worked together on the film, I realised that she was able to display a completely different side, one that was more mature."