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There is less than a month left until the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. It will take place in May in the Swedish city of Malmö
There is less than a month left until the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. It will take place in May in the Swedish city of Malmö

This year's Eurovision Song Contest will feature 37 countries, 31 will perform in first and second semifinals on May 7 and 9, respectively.

Eurovision 2024 will take place in Swedish city of Malmö. First semi-final scheduled for May 7, second for May 9, and grand finale, where winner will be announced, will take place on May 11. In total, 37 countries will take part in song contest this year. All participating countries have already chosen their representatives for song contest and announced songs they will perform to win. It is worth noting that participants will be joined in final by representatives of Big Five countries - UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Eurovision 2024 - participants of the second semifinal

Australia: Electric Fields — One Milkali (One Blood)

Contest starts with Australia. Country is represented this year by Electric Fields with their catchy song One Milkali (One Blood). Although bookmakers do not predict Austria to win, artists' video received many positive comments from listeners around the world.

Azerbaijan: FAHREE feat. Ilkin Dovlatov — Özünlə Apar

At the National Selection from Azerbaijan, FAHREE was first chosen, but later it became known that Ilkin Dovlatov will join him on stage in Malmö. This is despite the fact that Ilkin Dovlatov was also a finalist in this year's National Selection, but did not win.

United Kingdom: Olly Alexander — Dizzy

Earlier, UK was one of the main contenders for this year's victory, but as of the end of March, bookmakers say that the probability of the artist's victory is only 2%. Despite being frontman of indie-pop band Years & Years, Olly Alexander will try to conquer main European music scene solo.

Cyprus: Silia Kapsis — Liar

This year, Cyprus is represented by a 17-year-old singer who has already become famous in her home country as both a singer and a dancer. It is worth noting that Cyprus has been participating in Eurovision since 1981, however, during this period, island's representatives never managed to win.

Lithuania: Silvester Belt — Luktelk

Young singer and songwriter will represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with song Luktelk. He has been actively engaged in creativity since 2017. During this time, he participated in local talent shows and released many original compositions.

Luxembourg: TALI — Fighter

Luxembourg will participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2024 for the first time in 31 years. Country will be represented by 23-year-old singer Tali Golergant. Despite the fact that she is not expected to win, her dynamic composition has already become very popular in her home country.

Moldova: Natalia Barbu — In The Middle

The performer is 44 years old. In Moldova, she has the status of People's Artist, which she received 14 years ago. She performs songs in the genres of pop rock, gothic rock and pop.

Germany: ISAAK — Always On The Run

Germany will be represented in Malmö this year by 28-year-old singer Isaac. Interestingly, not all Germans were happy with the results of local National Selection after it was announced, as social media believed that country would not be able to win with song Always On The Run. Now, according to the bookmakers' forecast, Germany is in 32nd place and chance of winning is less than 1%.

Poland: LUNA — The Tower

Performer who will go to Eurovision 2024 was chosen in February. It should be noted that in Poland, a professional jury selects Eurovision representative, and audience does not vote. Immediately after it became known that LUNA would go to Sweden, a scandal erupted on social media - artist was accused of winning unfairly, saying that her father, who is a well-known entrepreneur and owner of a well-known food brand, paid for his daughter's first place.

Portugal: iolanda — Grito

Yolanda Costa is a 29-year-old singer from Portugal. From an early age, girl showed a passion for music, so her parents did not interfere and supported her creative drive. Yolanda started taking an active part in performances and talent shows at the age of 14.


Teodora Pavlovska, who performs under pseudonym TEYA DORA, is a Serbian singer and songwriter. Her most popular song is Džanum. After its release, single quickly gained popularity on the social network TikTok and on various music platforms.

Slovenia: Raiven — Veronika

Raiven gained widespread recognition in Slovenia when she competed in 2016 Eurovision Song Contest from Slovenia. Despite the fact that artist took second place, she was noticed and loved. Now she managed to win National Selection, so public will see her in the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil — Teresa & Maria

Ukraine will be represented by duo alyona alyona & Jerry Heil at Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Jerry Heil previously participated in National Selection twice, but failed to win. For alyona alyona, this year's National Selection was her debut.

Finland: Windows95man — No Rules!

In Finland, Windows95man won National Selection. First place was secured by strong audience support, despite the fact that jury did not rate performance very highly. Windows95man band captivates audience with its outrageousness. For example, one of the members performs in his underwear, while the other wears a rag fur coat.

Croatia: Baby Lasagna — Rim Tim Tagi Dim

As soon as it became known that Baby Lasagna would represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, bookmakers immediately updated their forecast - today the young singer is the main contender for victory in this year's song contest.

Sweden: Marcus & Martinus — Unforgettable

Performers of Marcus & Martinus are 22 years old. During their career, they have already released 4 studio albums and won Swedish talent show Masked Singer, becoming first duo to win this project.

Ireland: Bambie Thug — Doomsday Blue

This year, Ireland will be represented by an artist known for his extravagant images. Bambie Thug identifies himself as a non-binary personality - singer repeatedly spoken publicly about his affiliation with the LGBTQ+ community.

Iceland: Hera Björk — Scared of Heights

Hera has already has experience of performing at Eurovision Song Contest - in 2010, she performed her song Je ne sais quoi, but failed to win. Now Hera Björk won National Selection and will compete for the first place on main European music stage for the second time.

Eurovision 2024 - participants of the second semifinal

Austria: Kaleen — We Will Rave

Kaleen is a famous Austrian singer, dancer and choreographer. She is a granddaughter of famous Austrian composer and lyricist Hannelise Kreisl-Würth.

Albania: BESA — TITAN

15 years ago, singer BESA took part in National Selection in Albania, but failed to win. So much time has passed, and BESA tried her luck again and succeeded!

Belgium: Mustii — Before the Party’s Over

Mustii from Belgium is known at home not only as a singer, but also as an actor, with roles in films and TV series. Mustii has been writing songs since 2014. Through his work, he tries to tell more about himself as a person.

Armenia: LADANIVA — Jako

A music band that was founded in 2019. Artists are inspired by traditional Armenian songs and folk motifs.

Greece: Marina Satti — ZARI

Marina Satti's work is mostly a combination of traditional Greek, Arabic, Balkan and Anatolian motifs. She impresses not only with her voice, but also with her colorful performance.

Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze — Firefighter

The singer was born in Tbilisi, but recently lived in Los Angeles. Nutza comes from a creative family: her mother is a pianist and her father is a composer and singer. This is what gave girl impetus to develop as a singer. At the age of 17, Nutsa Buzaladze won her first vocal competition.

Denmark: SABA — SAND

SABA is a young singer, model and businesswoman. She will performin at Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, but in Denmark, no beauty contest or talent show takes place without her participation.

Estonia: 5MIINUST x Puuluup — (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi

Outrageous Estonian band wrote this song inspired by a recent trip they took. The song raises issues of self-identity and social norms.

Latvia: Dons — Hollow

Dons has been singing since he was 16. He used to try to realize himself in cooking, but his love for music won out. Now he will compete with 36 other countries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Malta: Sarah Bonnici — Loop

Young singer from Malta chose a rather frank image in her competition performance, and in her work in general, the leading motif of her song is sympathy and feelings between a man and a woman.

Norway: Gåte — Ulveham

Gåte's musical style is progressive folk rock. It's worth noting that the song Ulveham, which translates as Wolf Man, is the first song at Eurovision Song Contest to be performed in Norwegian.

Netherlands: Joost Klein — Europapa

The Netherlands nominated a young artist, Joost Klein, for Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with catchy hit Europapa. He is mainly a hip-hop artist, but his compositions also include elements of electronic music. He is a former YouTube blogger.

San Marino: MEGARA — 11:11

San Marino will be represented at Eurovision Song Contest 2024 by Spanish rock band Megara. Previously, artists wanted to participate in Spanish National Selection, but fate turned out differently.

France: Slimane — Mon Amour

French singer will fight for victory at Eurovision 2024 with a touching love song - the composition is symbolically called Mon Amour. Slimane has one studio album and nine singles to his credit.

Czechia: Aiko — Pedestal

This year, Czechia will be represented by AIKO, Alyona Shirmanova-Kostebelova. She was born in Moscow but grew up in Czechia. Now she lives in UK, but her work is aimed at Czech audience.

Switzerland: Nemo — The Code

Nemo is a Swiss rapper, singer and musician. Artist not only sings but also plays the violin, piano, and drums. Despite the fact that he is only 24 years old, he has been active for nine years, so he has a large fan club.

Israel: Eden Golan — Hurricane

Israel will be represented by young singer Eden Golan, who lived in Moscow for many years. She failed to build a career there, so she returned to her homeland. A video of Eden performing in temporarily occupied Crimea together with Russian singer Nysha is available in public.

Spain: Nebulossa — ZORRA

Electro-pop duo Nebulossa will represent Spain at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The band was formed in 2018. Interestingly, its vocalist Maria Bas and band's keyboardist and producer Marc Dasuz are exes. They were married for 20 years.

Italy: Angelina Mango — La noia

In early February, Italy announced name of representative who will go to Eurovision Song Contest 2024. It is interesting to note that for the first time in 8 years,country will be represented by a woman, singer Angelina Mango.

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