Sony has brought an electric car concept to CES 2020

On Monday, Sony threw a curveball at the tech and automotive industries by unveiling the Vision-S prototype, an EV concept.

Just a week into the new year and Sony has already made what may end up being its most significant announcement of 2020; on Monday at CES in Las Vegas, the consumer electronics company unveiled a car -- the Vision-S Prototype. 

This connected electric sedan is a concept designed to bring safety, entertainment and adaptability together during the driving and riding experience; to accomplish this, Sony created its own, brand-new EV platform which can also be used for other vehicle segments like SUVs and MPVs.

Though close to nothing has been revealed about the vehicle's performance, the company does state that the Vision-S has "all-encapsulating sensing technology;" in fact, the EV is outfitted with 33 sensors inside and out that work to keep passengers safe and offer drivers assistant technologies like self-parking and automatic lane changes.

The inside has been inspired by living rooms and will possibly act as one in the future when cars are autonomous. 360 Reality Audio fills the car with sound while a dash-wide display offers ample space for entertainment.

While this concept is very complete, it is also very primitive. It is unknown whether Sony has plans to join the automotive market in this way, or even what exactly the purpose was of creating such a prototype.