Sony invites people to become Ghostbusters and exterminate AR ghosts

From October 12 to December 8, Ghostbusters fans can sign up to become a member of the ghostbusting gang in Tokyo to catch the film's iconic ghouls in AR.

In honor of the movie's 35-year anniversary, Sony's latest AR experiment invites people to become a member of the Ghostbusters and hunt ghosts hidden at the Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo, Japan. 

The attraction, called Ghostbusters Rookie Training, encourages participants to explore the park and work as a team to exterminate ghosts hidden in the area. Equipped with ghost-hunting equipment and a prototype AR headset, members of the group are given the responsibility of keeping Tokyo's digital realm safe from unwelcomed phantoms. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

While the park is currently accepting applications to participate in Ghostbusters Rookie Training, it is important to note that it is conducted in Japanese without translation available; however, considering that the activity is available until December, interested parties have a few months to get Japanese ghost-busting lingo under their belts.