Soon-to-be homeless expat begs TikTok for a home in Singapore after rental lease gets cut short

The skyrocketing rental rates in Singapore are affecting just about everyone, from young Singaporeans looking to move out to expats who have been living in the city-state for a long time.

Mari Coetsee, or @intheworldofmari on TikTok, is a South African living in Singapore who took to TikTok recently to share the rental woes she is facing.

Coetsee says she has been living in Singapore for about eight years and residing in her current apartment for two years but has been told that her lease was up in May.

She is temporarily living at a friend’s house but only till the end of May.

“So I’m gonna be homeless in Singapore in about less than two weeks and social media is my last resort but I’m reaching out on social media and I’m asking for help,” Coetsee said in a video.

She explained that she would need temporary accommodation for about six weeks – but most rental places in Singapore needed at least a three-month commitment. On top of that, Airbnb in Singapore is illegal.

According to Coetsee, she cannot afford to stay in a hotel or serviced apartment for six weeks as it will be too costly.

To add to the complicated situation, Coetsee also has a Maltipoo dog in her care.

“The market is insane at the moment,” she added.

Coatsee also went on to do research on co-living space Lyf in a separate video. She found out that for the 45 days (six weeks) she needed she’d have to fork out at least S$8,000 for their cheapest option. Yikes.

Many commenters left her encouraging remarks, offering solutions and also some rather interesting suggestions – including moving to Batam or Johor Bahru.

See, social media can be pretty wholesome at times. Coetsee, grateful for all the comment, said in a new video that though she is “overwhelmed” by the information, things are looking hopeful and that she will continue to find a solution and share her journey with her followers. Good luck!

Coconuts Singapore has reached out to Coetsee but she has yet to reply. 

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