Sophia Latjuba's divorce due to infidelity?

Sophia Latjuba's divorce due to infidelity?

20 Oct – Fans are shocked as it was recently revealed that 41 year-old actress Sophia Latjuba and husband of six years, Michael Villareal will be getting a divorce.

According to KapanLagi website, American-born Villareal wrote on his Twitter, "I must await Sophie's return to LA to begin the process of divorce. Thus it is fair to say that it is in her hands. We discussed separation in late August and I have done literally everything within my power to mend and save the marriage."

The update surprised many especially when he admitted that the reason for the separation is of Latjuba's infidelity.

"I have however recently learned that a few weeks prior to our discussion of separation, Sophia met and began having an affair with a new love. Although I do not excuse or condone her actions and the fact that Sophia decided to move on with her new love, I accept her decision and I will not interfere with her new life and her new happiness."

Sophia Latjuba and second husband Michael Villareal were married on 30 April 2005 at the Anglican All Saints Church in Jakarta after Villareal left his then pregnant wife to be with Latjuba. The couple has a daughter named Manuela.

The Buginese-German actress also has another daughter, Eva Celia from her first marriage to jazz singer, Indra Lesmana.