Sorry, but ‘Baby Reindeer’ Season 2 Is Highly Unlikely

baby reindeer
‘Baby Reindeer’ Season 2 Is Highly UnlikelyED MILLER/NETFLIX - Netflix

By now I’m sure your household, X feed, and watercooler chats (are those still a thing?) have been entirely consumed by Netflix’s Baby Reindeer. No? Consider this your sign to stop whatever you’re doing and dive in.

The dark comedy was adapted from comedian Richard Gadd’s autobiographical one-man show, which ran in London’s West End. The series stars Gadd as Donny, a comedian who’s harassed and sexually assaulted by his stalker, Martha. Since its premiere on April 11, Baby Reindeer has held a spot on Netflix’s U.S. top ten list. Naturally, that’s led to a whole lot of eyeballs devouring the series—and, of course, questions about a second season.

So will Netflix order more episodes? Sorry, folks, but it seems unlikely. Given that the streamer released Baby Reindeer as a limited series, the finale is very much the end of this story. Sigh. It’s hard to let a good thing go—especially when that good thing includes stellar performances from the whole cast. But in this case, it makes sense. The subject matter is distressing, uncomfortable to watch—and, sadly, based on a true story. I understand why Gadd likely isn’t planning to make more episodes. The man has had enough! In an interview with Netflix, he spoke about the series’ emotional toll. “It was difficult going back to these things,” he said. “I felt like I needed to get it all out in one go.”

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