Sorry to disappoint: Petition to ban Nas Daily from entering Singapore is satire

To anyone who thought the petition to ban Nusier Yassin, the man behind that terribly annoying channel Nas Daily, from moving to Singapore was real, we have news for you: it’s not.

(Also, if you really thought it was real, you might have a problem recognizing humor.)

The news was revealed in an interview by Rice Media on Saturday with the petition owner Azman Samsudin, who said that the petition was meant to be a meme to mock the “Ban Watain” petition that caused the Swedish death metal band to be banned from performing in Singapore.

He compared Nas’ ex-Muslim identity to the Watain brand of anti-Christianity and said that Nas instead created his “own religion, based on his massive followings”.

“There would be disastrous results if he were to set foot on our shores and impose his ideologies on our youngsters,” Azman said. (We have to stress that the whole petition was created as a joke, so take this with a huge pinch of salt.)

The petition has received more than 3,000 signatories as of press time, which is nowhere close to the 19,000 signatories that the Watain petition received, but it has gotten enough people ‘riled up’ about Nas’ decision to relocate here.

What we don’t know is what comments are satire and what comments are pure hatred (or if people even realize they are being trolled) but here are two comments from the petition so you can conclude for yourself:

(Photo: screenshot)
(Photo: screenshot)

However, the petition is not stopping Nusier from making plans to hire folks for his Nas Daily Media Company.

He plans to hire five more people to join the company in the next few months and he has a goal to set up an office next to Facebook Singapore’s office in the Marina One building, Nusier told TODAY.

Although details of the positions were not revealed, Must Share News speculated that the jobs might center around the production aspect, such as creatives and designers.

Nusier is coming into Singapore on an EntrePass, a one-year renewable visa that allows foreign entrepreneurs to create a business in Singapore.

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