South Korea demand probe into Chinese swimming 'assault'

South Korea's Kim Hye-jin said she wanted China's Duo Shen to face punishment

South Korea have asked Asian Games organisers to investigate after swimmer Kim Hye-jin was allegedly assaulted by China's Duo Shen after an altercation in the tournament's training pool.

The Korean Sport and Olympic Committee said Duo kicked Kim twice in the belly after she was accidentally struck by the Korean as they were swimming on Thursday.

The committee said it has formally requested an investigation by the Games organising committee and the Olympic Council of Asia, after Kim said she wanted Duo to face punishment.

"As Kim said she wanted an official punishment against the Chinese athlete over her unsportsmanlike conduct of physical assault, the KSOC officially requested an investigation," a Korean-language statement said.

"It also urged proper action to be taken if the assault is confirmed, to prevent similar conducts from taking place again."

The statement added that Korea's team rejected an apology from Shen, a freestyle specialist who won four gold medals at the 2014 Asian Games, in line with Kim's wishes.

Kim, 24, who placed fifth in the women's breaststroke on Sunday, "unintentionally kicked the chest of China's Duo Shen -- who was swimming behind her -- with her foot", the KSOC said.

"Kim immediately apologised, but Shen followed Kim to the end of the lane and pulled Kim's ankle down with her hand before kicking Kim's belly twice with her feet."