South Korea: Kakao to discipline employees for violation of quarantine rules

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Kakao office [Photo=NEWSIS]
Kakao office [Photo=NEWSIS]

Seoul [South Korea] August 30 (ANI/Global Economic): It is reported that more than 10 executives and employees of Kakao have been disciplined for violating quarantine rules including having a drinking party at the company.

According to the company officials, Kakao recently held an ethics committee on August 26, which is similar to the disciplinary committee, and decided to punish those who attended the drinking party. Kakao announced the details of personnel measures to all employees.

Previously, Kakao launched an investigation since a complaint saying that about 10 executives and employees had the drinking party in the meeting room of Kakao headquarters for about two hours from 8 pm was posted on an anonymous community app.

As social distancing level 4 has been applied to the metropolitan area from July 12, only two people were allowed to meet after 6 pm.

A Kakao official said, "The details of the punishment cannot be revealed, but it was processed according to the rules and procedures." (ANI/Global Economic)

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