Could this South Korean skincare gadget be the next best beauty trend?

Personal home care concept – where beauty devices are becoming more high-tech and lightweight – are slowly making waves and filling our beauty shelves at home. Could such high-tech devices be replacing serums and creams in the future?

Just last year, Cellreturn LED mask, a Tron-like helmet-looking device made a cameo in Lee Min-Ho's K-drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, where the Prime Minister played by Jung-Eun-Chae uses this must-have beauty gadget as part of her daily beauty routine to maintain her youthful appearance. No wonder fans went crazy over this techie gadget in South Korea!

As South Korea is the holy grail of the latest beauty treatments and technology, our eyes turned to the Curicare LED Mask immediately; the mask is even dermatologist-approved and is fast becoming a skincare tool worth trying this year.

If improving skin elasticity, reducing brown spots and freckles and fighting acne are some of your beauty concerns, the Curicare LED Mask might just complement your beauty routine.

As staying home is becoming a social norm, this home care beauty device only requires eight minutes of treatment per session daily. At first glance, the mask comes with an ergonomic and futuristic design with full-spectrum care from your hairline to neckline, covering the T-zone and more.

There are four modes that can customise your facial experience: Daily mode improves skin elasticity and regeneration by generating collagen and using light beams that penetrate into the deep tissues of the skin, while strengthening skin elasticity by improving the balance of sebaceous glands; Calming mode controls melanin and improves brown spots by promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation; Secret mode promotes cell growth and accelerates the healing process; and Rhythm mode smoothens wrinkles with a skin lifting effect and brightens skin tone.

If you are sensitive to light, Secret mode uses 100% near-infrared light which is non-visible so you don’t have to worry about any glare.

The Curicare LED Mask is a wireless device that also has a ventilator for easy breathing.

Charging the mask is a breeze with the Type-C to USB A cable. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)
Charging the mask is a breeze with the Type-C to USB A cable. (PHOTO: Reta Lee/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)

Of course, it doesn't come cheap with a price tag of US$619 but if you're going to go with the simple Maths calculation of LED treatments at aesthetic clinics here in Singapore, we think this is a good investment in the long run.

I used the Calming mode the same day after I returned from a kayaking trip in Pulau Ubin. Boy, my skin was burning fiercely red from the exposure to harsh sun rays.

The yellow light in Calming mode is known to reduce redness and increase blood circulation, which improves wound healing. Just a quick press on the button on the top of the mask to the Calming Mode triggers the treatment. I simply lay on my couch and let the device do its magic.

Subsequent daily use at just eight minutes – my skin showed less redness and my freckles were reduced significantly.

LED light therapy has been aestheticians' favourite beauty tool to treat common skin problems, and with a home care device like Curicare LED Mask entering the consumer market; we think such high-tech devices are going to be more affordable in the long run.

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