South Korean singer-songwriter Sulli's robe slip ranks in most searched query on Korean search engine

Sylvia Looi
Sulli has made her dislike of bras known before. — Image viaInstagram/ jelly_jilli

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 — Korean singer songwriter Sulli had the Internet in a frenzy with her live Instagram broadcast that showed her revealing part of her breast.

South Korean websites koreaboo and allkpop reported that in the midst of getting her hair and makeup done, the singer’s live broadcast on September 28 saw the loose robe she was wearing, slide open to partially expose her breast.

Screenshots of the 50 second clip with Sulli was sans bra have since gone viral, becoming one of the highest searched items on South Korea's search engine.

While the former member of K-pop girl group, f(x) has been known to favour not wearing bras, fans were adamant on questioning her reason for not wearing one.

She responded to these comments saying, “I don’t get what’s wrong. This is my personal freedom.”

Sulli has previously noted she did not wear a bra as she disliked “the wires,” while on JTBC2’s Reply Night, she stated that bras were just merely an accessory and that women should wear it if they want to.

Sulli, or her real name Choi Jin-ri, first gained attention as a child actress, playing the young Princess Seonhwa of Silla in the SBS drama Ballad of Seodong before her f(x) debut in 2009.