Speaker rejects DAP MP’s bid to discuss child poverty

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    "He also declined to further justify his decision" - He does not have any clue about the child poverty issue. Not on top of UMNO's agenda.

    How about 1MDB saga which is of significant public interest?
  • E
    Pandikar is God in parliament so don't play play with him.
  • C
    Not of immediate urgency?! How did he derive to that conclusion? Backed up by what statistics or report ?
    MP for Kuala Terengganu have also questioned why 26% of children under age of 5 in his state have stunt growth (Unicef) when the Fed.have given budget of RM1 billion fund for its 2 million inhabitants.
  • S
    Sarcastic Bro
    Because poverty is engineered and crimed are all organized by the government
  • z
    Quote:"The study said the issue was most severe in low-cost flats, where 99.7 per cent of children were at risk of malnutrition." We have that fat MP who said Malaysians are obsese which proof our nation is prosperous. So what does this proof? Malaysian are poor by his reasoning. Now ids this another fake news by the government or maybe the government source is never fake except the opposition.
  • k
    Women and family ministry should take que from here. Its not only child poverty, but also health and safety in addition to value system
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    This is a gorilla who rejects everything ... he is there only to serve his master who is none other than the red-lipped reindeer ... look carefully at his face, now can you see the devil in him? like someone said here, he is the God in Parliament but very very soon he's going to run helter-skelter back to his kampong to tanam jagong ... this kend of evil person should be taught a lesson by mother nature who is very active lately in the evening.
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    Pandi knows the best public interest ,so cool down DAP
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    This fella has no integrity whatsoever ... he behaves like a teacher in a classroom, not like a speaker at all ... and also VERY RUDE!!! ... what the heck ... why is that Charles Santiago so afraid of him? if he asks to get out then get out lah ... what's the problem?