Specially-abled US athlete sets Guinness World Record for fastest 20m on hands; leaves Netizens amazed

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A specially-abled US athlete has become the fastest 20 metre walker using his hands. Zion Clark, 23, shattered previous Guinness World Records by completing the feat in just 4.78 seconds.

The athlete broke the record on 15 February this year in his high school gym at Massillon, Ohio. The official website of the Guinness World Records acknowledged Clark's achievement recently.

Clark has thanked his track coach Guinness World Records holder and Olympic Gold Medalist Butch Reynolds, friends and family for keeping him motivated and helping him achieve the record.

Clark posted about his achievement on social media. The post has got huge appreciation from social media users, receiving over 17,000 likes to date.

The athlete suffers from a rare medical condition known as caudal regression syndrome. The syndrome results in the "abnormal development of the lower half of the body where the bones of the spine are often missing," as per The Indian Express.

However, Clark has never let his disability come in the way of his life, pushing himself forward with the simple motto of "no excuses".

Clark was put up for adoption at birth and moved through the foster care system for years. He often faced bullying and abuse as a kid but never let it push him down. He has said that the experiences made him stronger. While in high school, Clark used to participate in wrestling.

After he was legally aged out of the foster care system, the athlete was adopted by his loving mother, Kimberli Hawkins.

The 23-year-old has also been a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He wants to compete in the 2024 Olympics. Clark has expressed a wish to become the first American to participate in both the Olympics and Paralympics. He wishes to enter the former in the wrestling category while participating in the Paralympic Games in the field of wheelchair racing.

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