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Our picks for a reasonably priced family car

Spend My Money is one of the most popular segments of the long-running Autoblog Podcast. Listeners write in for car buying suggestions, and share their needs, wants and necessary information like their budget and timing. And, contrary to popular opinion, Miata is not always the answer.

This time we're doing things a little differently. One of our own staff members needs a new car, and he invited the rest of us to weigh in on his purchase decision. We decided it'd be fun to open it up and share all of our commentary here in this gallery.

Our buyer has a budget of $15,000 and needs room for two children in booster seats. So the number one need is space. His last car was a 2009 Ford Fusion with a five-speed manual transmission. He'd like something newer and with fewer miles, and has decided not to shift his own gears this time around. He's open to minivans, mentioned the Ford Flex as a possibility and maybe three-row SUVs, but does not want a compact crossover.

Let's get started. And if you want in on the fun, feel free to email us at podcast@autoblog.com.

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