'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Admits Love for 'Just Friends' and Ambition to Play James Bond

Although Tom Holland is the third actor to throw on the Spidey suit this century, he’s already won over the hearts of fans. Following his scene-stealing drop-in to last summer’s Captain America: Civil War, he is earning raves for his first standalone entry, Spider-Man: Homecoming. (Also for that bold Lip Sync Battle performance…)

In our rapid-fire 15 Questions interview (watch above), we got to know Holland a wee bit more, particularly when it came to his own movie tastes.

While he has caught some flak for owning up that he’s never seen the original Star Wars trilogy, he can does hold some Jedi cred for The Phantom Menace (we think) being the first movie he saw in a theater.

He calls the Edward Norton thriller Primal Fear his favorite movie of all time, and the Ryan Reynolds comedy Just Friends his guilty pleasure. “It’s my mom and I’s favorite Christmas movie,” said Holland, who added he’s probably seen it 20 times.

And beyond his arc as the world’s most famous web-crawler, there’s another screen icon Holland is itching to play someday: “James Bond. Let’s make it happen!”

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7. Watch Holland share secrets on his new suit:

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