Spooky Wedding Cakes Thrill in ‘Halloween Wars’ Finale

On the season finale of Halloween Wars, the Sugar Psychos and the Underbakers competed for the $50,000 grand prize. The two teams were charged with making scary wedding cakes, but they couldn’t just look scary, they also had to taste scary — scary good.

The Underbakers made a cake showcasing a lady named Crazy Christina, who was left at the altar by her true love, Jack. Eventually, she caught up with him and took him back to her house, where she stuffed him and kept him in the attic. This was all done with pumpkins, sugar candy, and cake batter.

The Sugar Psychos made a cake depicting a werewolf marrying a descendent of Van Helsing. The bride is killing the were-groom, but it looks beautiful because the church has giant candy stained-glass windows.

The Sugar Psychos won and took home the $50,000.

Watch this little ballerina cook up a storm on Chopped Junior:

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