Spotify helps users create playlists for road trips with new ‘Soundtrack your Ride' feature

Spotify launches a new tool that helps users create a playlist for their road trip

Over the weekend, Spotify launched Soundtrack your Ride, a new feature that helps you build playlists for your road trip based on travel time and your responses to a personalization quiz.

Spotify is taking the guesswork out of picking a playlist for a road trips with the launch of "Soundtrack your Ride," the platform's latest music curation offering. 

To create a playlist, users are prompted to undergo a series of steps to ensure that the playlist is tailored to them. First, a user must input the road trip duration -- a Google Maps integration can provide an estimation of the time.

Next, users are given a quick quiz to fill out about the road trip and their music preferences like who they are traveling with, what their favorite genre is for the road, what the mood of the trip is, and what type of vehicle is being driven.

Based on these answers as well as your overall listening habits, Spotify will create a customized playlist designed for you, you and your friends, or you and your pooch.

Strangely enough, this feature is only available in full on the web version of the platform. Though it's accessible on mobile, it was not designed for mobile, so doing things like answering the quiz questions can be complicated.

The feature is available today online; hopefully for road trippers it will roll out soon for app versions of the platform.