Spotify working on Google Assistant-, Siri-inspired voice activation feature

Spotify users could soon activate the platform by saying 'Hey Spotify.'

This week, the highly-reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong reported that Spotify is working on a "Hey Spotify" voice activation feature.

Spotify is getting ready to board the voice activation train -- reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, whose track record is impressive, discovered on Thursday that the music streaming platform is working on "Hey Spotify" voice activation.

Strangely enough, though, this feature will only work if the application is already open which seems to be a bit of a technological miss on the company's part.

Nevertheless, the addition introduces an alternate way for users to control their audio content; Plus, it could be launched to familiarize its users with such a tool that could be used frequently to activate the long-rumored in-car music player that could finally materialize this year.

As of right now, the tool is just being tested behind the scenes, so it's possible that the final iteration of the feature that makes it to the public could be modified.