Sprinklers trigger ‘rain’ in JEM mall

Some visitors and tenants of JEM shopping mall got a big surprise at noon Tuesday when it started “raining” in parts of the mall.

According to a statement on JEM’s Facebook page, at 12:15pm, “the atrium side water sprinklers on level 3 in the mall were triggered, affecting a small section of the mall’s common areas on Levels B1, 1 and 2 and some tenancies in those areas”.

“The water has been cleared from those areas by 4pm the same day. Jem remains open to shoppers and public,” the post said.

People at JEM took to social media to express their shock that it was “raining” in the mall.

Tweets posted as early as 12:17pm showed photos and videos of water pouring from the ceiling, covering some floors with water.

According to Channel NewsAsia, shops such as Lowry’s Farm, Poh Heng Jewellery and Soo Kee Jewellery were among those affected.

A YouTube user called Jem retailer posted a video of the water pouring a bit heavily down the mall’s atrium.

This is not the first time the mall has made headlines for its infrastructural issues, in September last year, a part of its first floor ceiling collapsed.

In the month before that, a deep fryer in a supermarket had triggered a fire in the mall’s carpark.

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